Reviews for "Tom Hardy's House of Bane"

Best I've seen in a while. "After you finish your homework, you then have my permission to dine." Haha that line gets me every time. It's awesome.

OMG. Loved it, thought it was hilarious (don't understand why it's hard to understand bane I did lol) But just like amazing. I loved how everyone had matching masks it was just overall hilarious. Kinda hoping and wishing you turn it into a mini series lol. But I still enjoyed overall

nice. i would watch this

Well, nothing much to say.
Looks like the animations so far have improved from elder work.

The only thing that annoyed me was the " TOOOOOOOOOM HARDY'S HOUSE OF BAIN "
I kinda got that the first, the second, the third and i completely understood the last time aswell.

Keep up the good work!

The D

HaHa. I just had to watch it twice. love it