Reviews for "Tom Hardy's House of Bane"

Fuckin' A

The whole thing was perfect. The art style and animation were simple but added to the comedy. Great voice acting, although, something about Bane's voice made it sound too dull and hard to understand. Excellent use of the one-liners, especially the breakdown at the end. Well done.

Can't Understand bane

Animation was great, very similar to Lazymuffin's. The very moment i heard Bane's voice in theater's i started laughing! Bane jokes are kind of getting old now so i really enjoyed the sitcom twist, nice job!

@thehamzan6 That's kind of the point. It was damn near impossible to understand Bane in the movie; that just make's this funnier.
I don't know why he's so hard to understand. Must be something to do with him wearing a gas mask 24/7

LOL loved it. Now be on your way this review isn't worth shit.