Reviews for "Tom Hardy's House of Bane"

english isn't my main language and i understand bane, hope you watched the movie before, he just says his quotes from the dark knight in random funny situations.

OMG. Loved it, thought it was hilarious (don't understand why it's hard to understand bane I did lol) But just like amazing. I loved how everyone had matching masks it was just overall hilarious. Kinda hoping and wishing you turn it into a mini series lol. But I still enjoyed overall

Can't Understand bane

Loved it dudes made the day. Really funny. This is a must chare and what the frig daily 5th.. did I see something better today, must have been blind. As the last few stated this was well put together, there was and is nothing I can pull out as not working for the short. Good work soldier.

It would be funnier if I could understand him