Reviews for "Ghost Recon : Left Behind"

Normally I dont care for stickman animation but it really seemed right here somehow. I think its because it added some mystery to the blue guy and who he was fighting. The viewer doesn't really know who the blue guy is or why he is where he is and its not clear blue guy remembers either but both the viewer and the blue guy know he has to get out. We also dont know much about the guys with the glowing red eyes, are they human or maybe something more? Overall it does well in imparting a creepy "all alone in a nightmare" vibe. I do worry however that, given the last scene we may degrade into a stick slaughterfest.

Yunguy1 responds:

What if I told you... that the ending part of your phrase might not happen?

Surely, that's what many stick figure fights end up being at the end. But I wanna make this slightly different. Instead of the blue guy just fighting a bunch of these mysterious guys, he mainly focuses on getting help and trying to get out. Per say, he finds some refugees. What would he do with them? Of course try to get out the fastest way possible.

But the ending, you guys will have to find out yourselves. ;3

This has NOTHING to do with Ghost Recon! Absolutley NOTHING!!!! But animation was good. But I would give it another name...

Yunguy1 responds:

Damn I forgot to add the reason why in the description. ._____.

Yeah it doesn't in overall, but it's a tribute to it because of it's GUI design, lighting, cinematics, and atmosphere. It's not only the gameplay itself.

Well fucking done.

A very cool movie. Please make a sequel!

Nice animation although it lacks some story as to what is actually happening, although you said you might make a sequel which will give you options to expand on the story.