Reviews for "CARPE DIEM"

Fantastic! And a great ending!!!

I really enjoyed the seamless blend of several different mediums of animation. I noticed 3D modeling, claymation, traditional stop motion animation, and the standard of computer generated 2D animation, and it all blended so well, and it each medium was treated very well.
Th only small complaint I would have is the audio quality, which was kind of low, but it didn't take away much from the beautiful animation.


interesting video, nice music, an interesting kind of creation :)

Very impressive

Exceptional work my freind the effort to make good stop motion animation is beyond that of what most can do.
The music and flow it all felt flawless, the ending was very surprising too i never would have ended something like this like that.
All in all very well done it was a fun trippy adventure for all ages.
And i enjoyed every minuet of it.