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Reviews for "Frenzy Hotel"

Like the game but it is too short and easy.

Dont know, I guess I'll say normal, compared to other hotel games, this falls down the ladder.

Started off okay, but as someone mentioned below, after adding the kitchen the game can lock up. Also i would have liked to have seen more difference when i upgraded things.

So looking at this as a game for children, it is nice and easy. It's simple and can be beaten even without the upgrades. Debbie tends to get stuck in the kitchen however, which is slightly problematic. The game would also be greatly improved with the ability to multi-task.
Overall, super simple and easy. Good for kids; not much fun for anyone older.

This game should be renamed "Barf in the Pool." Didn't any of these tourists mothers tell them to wait 30 minutes after eating before getting in the pool?