Reviews for "The Brawl - Ep.4"

Ill kick everyone in the game's ass but not justin bieber because i love him.

Enjoyable I've been seeing a lot of games promoting Psy. it's nice to see one where I can beat the crap out of him. After a while things get old and such is the case with Psy. Soon it'll be another Vanilla Ice or Macarena. The only complaint that I have is that the controls seem laggy. I don't know that this can be avoided or not but when I punch I'd like to see a wild swing that misses instead of no animation at all. All in all I'd give it a four stars. I remember the Celebrity games that made this site famous and I think their is something to be said for keeping that type of spirit alive.


This game fucking suck's ball PSY is better then you

i like psy

teh same hes hed fallsof