Reviews for "The Brawl - Ep.4"

Very reminiscent of Mortal Kombats Fatalities. You should make it where once he's decapitated his body breaks out in a "Hey Sexy Lady" shuffle,... Other than that the controls are easy to handle, though I think it's a little biased in favor of Offense than defensive playing. Psy AI comes out with his best attacks early in the game rather than using them mid game or even as a hail mary. Other than that not much else to comment on. Well timed though, Most people are getting over Psy summer.

rupert0ne why dont you shut up its just a cartoon game and anyone who wants to complain just like cursemark28 said stop crying

I thought i was a very well made game people are complaining cause there little cry baby fan-boys get over it hes not insulting you so shut up everyone who are crying

the controls are still shit

........ I LIKE TRAINS