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Reviews for "The Noob Adventures Episode 13"

Hey Falconer02,do you speek spanish?
Si lo haces,responde en español.


at the end i was like *gasp* A witches hut!

It seems that Minecraft has found itself as one of the most parodied franchises to hit the internet and TNA are an excellent reminder that this is not always a bad thing. First off, I loved the voice acting. Not only were all the words clearly pronounced, but the voices managed to accurately depict the character personalities. The music selection was fantastic, as always, fitting the occasion in which each individual one is played, but never interrupting the exceptional voices. The series constantly makes me laugh, more so than most other flashes do. It is especially special to those who have played Minecraft, with some great references. Not all of these are accurate and sometimes that does not fare so well with the series, but those moments are the minority. The characters are each unique with my favorite one being Gaylord. His insanity was what drove the series and I'm glad that he has more screentime this time around. The story does have its own hiccups, but it manages to impress and hold the viewer's attention. I have to say that sometimes the story fails to make sense, but I trust that these mysteries will be solved in the future. I love how each episode ends with a cliffhanger. However, the episodes are far too short and, before long, it seems like it is just scene after scene of fights with mobs. These scenes are executed well, but it is not long before my attention was wavering since there are a fairly large quantity of these scenes and they began to drag on. Also, it would help if the characters were developed a bit more and if more casualties were made for a more shocking experience (Descarte's death is a great example of a character going out, but I think that if it effected Fart more in the future and leave a great legacy that the series would be respected far more). The graphics are fairly horrid, but there are certain scenes, especially in this particular episode, that look spectacular. Fart shooting the enemy mob in middair is the sole highlight, but smaller scenes like block rain pouring from the sky are well appreciated. Overall, it feels as if the series is continuing to improve and I hope that, because of this, Minecraft: TNA will see mass success before it goes out, if it hasn't already.