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Reviews for "The Noob Adventures Episode 13"

dangit always ends when i becomes interesting great series god i love these video's!

There is a glitch of some sort that makes the thing stop loading halfway-but i'll give you 3 stars because it is probably good and I like your other work.

this was written before i watched it:

i'm really not looking forward to another one of these... i always give them lukewarm reviews for trying to be too large for simply unnecessary things and characters who are all involved in a video game that i consider a canvas instead of a video game, and its really an empty shell of a series as of now (to me at least). can this turn it around? i pray for that. i pray for a turn around in both scope and content.

after watching it:

it didn't turn things around, but i realized something... this isn't supposed to be funny. its like its written as just a simple little character narrative of getting from point a to point b, but there are no jokes that work. there are some character quirks that i would have giggled at regardless of the implementation of jokes, but now... i cant review this as a comedy, despite it being listed as one. if i did, i would immediately say "this has been going in the wrong direction for so long. it has been unfunny jokes slathered with some mixed bag voice acting since the beginning". i feel like reviewing this not as a comedy, for what it should and would be and probably is trying to be, but as a serious little adventure saga episode. for what it is, i didn't find it awful. the characters played off eachother well, there were some genuine moments with the villain and the brooklyn styled adventurer that i found both intriguing and well written. i like the animation even if it is a load of tweens, because it was consistent with source material, and despite me not liking the diamond armored guy's voice at all, the rest was either well done or so cheesy that it made me really enjoy it. if i mentioned any of the jokes i would be much more depressed about this, but... honestly, for what i got, the rest was pretty decent.

so honestly, if you tone down the attempts at humor next time, i would have to say that you would be going in a genuinely good direction. kudos on helping me realize that =)

Awesome as always. Love the Max Payne refrences haha