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Reviews for "Derpasaurus Rex "

needs moar color.

It wasn't bad...but the difference between the animation and coloring of the people and background compared to the dinosaur took away a bit. Also, the flapping jaw of the dinosaur didn't match what he was saying when he was sayign it very well.

Kinda funny -and better than anything I could freaking do- but if you want to make this a series,I'd recommend put a little more work into those 2 parts -especially if they're going to be this short.

well boy that honestly wasn't funny... i'm not even sure i can comment with "it was well made", but if it was, i think i'd have to rate it even less for trying so hard to go in the wrong direction.

what i can say is that at its core, you have a character that inhabits the word "derp". one that nobody but little kids and my little pony fans use with any bit of sincerity. not to mention a character that is simply mistakenly doing things isn't exactly interesting or new in any way. the entire use of an escape convict was pretty empty and irrelevant, though i guess it was used as a "plot device" to clumsily introduce the clumsy character.

as for what it did ok: the animation was decent. there was a written joke. the delivery was decent, and not very contrived.

thats about it. you really need to work on writing a more interesting character in a more interesting situation. i mean, i think the animation is perfectly suited for a silly webshow (since its not aiming for avant garde or any sort of visual masterpiece status), and you could definitely work out some interesting jokes. i just do not find anything interesting about a character that is literally a re-skin of "derpy hooves" or whatever the horse is called.

in fact the more i write, the more its blatantly obvious to me that the one major problem is simply the character decision. why did you make it about this character at all? its simply an empty character with nothing going for him but the size and the clumsy nature, and even that isn't very interesting since we have seen this kind of character before.

FrozenFire responds:

Awww I'm sorry you feel that way bud.

Honestly though you only get a small taste of Rex. You can't really conclude you know everything about him just yet. We have over 12 episodes written already :)

Also you keep bringing up ponies but I have no idea what you're talking about.

yes just yes

It was great for what it is! You plan to put this stuff of YouTube as well or will it only be a newgrounds series?

FrozenFire responds:

Youtube eventually.. not right away though