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Reviews for "Derpasaurus Rex "

LOL! This was hilarious. :)

The joke was... simplistic, but really funny.

It's glad to see someone come up with something more original than some half-retarded and redundant video game parody with jokes and gimmicks that an autistic monkey would only find a TINY bit amusing- amusing enough to hit 5 stars and spams people with it. I digress, so if anything... I chuckled, I smiled, I loved the timing and I've already watched your flash a good five times. You've done well.

Now do something longer

That dinosaur's a bigger derp than derpy hooves!!!!!!!!!!

It was good and the audio funny lol. it was compiled nicely, and the dinosaur model and animation was the highlight. Lip shapes were good but I think the sync could still be better, ex. "Now" you should have a really small o shape there, would make the sync better :)