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Reviews for "Derpasaurus Rex "

very funny!!!
yeah!! jejeje
good movie!!
5/5, 5/5!!

That was pretty funny. I liked the A+ a lot too. Nice touch.
Doesn't need to be longer than this :)


Short, simple and funny. Good job on the simplistic coloring. Without reading your comments beforehand, I was wondering how you could keep everything so white while using colours for areas larger than the objects itself (such as the couch) and without it distracting from the movie. I other words to me it looks simple but I could not envision doing something that myself. So good job and thank you!

FrozenFire responds:

It took me a while to figure out. I did a lot of playing around with background coloring. Now that I've figured out a good system things should run smoothly if I do more episodes.

What I do is envision if I colored the entire background.. what would be the dominant color? Then I'd plaster that color across a majority of the image (Location is centered around where the color would be)

At first I was planning on scribbling in color, then I tried actually shading properly.. nothing felt right.
That's mainly why the coloring in this episode is so inconsistent. Next one should be more defined.

Hilarious, It made me laugh. I'm not sure why you didn't color it all the way. Maybe style or unfinished I don't know why. Maybe it was showing that there's color outside? Idk lol, great flash animation.

FrozenFire responds:

Messing around with the style. Essentially Rex is the only colored one because he really doesn't belong there.

it made me jump grr