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Reviews for "Derpasaurus Rex "

this short was quick simple and fun to watch....
i like dinosaurs
"made me laugh, i even watched it twice" (DNizM)
clear animation and excellent sound effects 4/5

That was awesome, great job man! Are you gonna make Derpasaurus a series?
That would be freaking amazing.

FrozenFire responds:

Thats the plan. Hopefully I follow through. It really depends on how well this goes.

Freaking hilarious! Although, the reporter was talking really fast, and the lip sync seemed to suffer a little, but maybe it's just my computer.

FrozenFire responds:

Awesome! Yeah probably just the computer.

Tell your friends and get them to watch too!

i'm not sure how to rate this but i have to admit it was pretty hilarious i understood that it was a short short so i won't let that count against the score the drawing was nice and the VA was well done but man derpasaurus was pretty damn hilarious i love it!!

FrozenFire responds:


Oh my god, hilarious. I only wish it was a little longer!