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Reviews for "Drawscape"

fun fun fun

Wasn't expecting much when I clicked on this, to be honest, but glad I did. While the idea isn't all that original, yeah, doesn't stop this game from being pretty fun. Square pillars of water did seem a little silly, but given its purpose, we can allow for some wonky things here and there. I think it adds charm, personally.

Haven't listened to audio, but I usually don't judge on that department unless necessary, which it isn't here. Headphones ain't working anyway. Most games trying to follow this formula is just sticks, quite literally (at least in my experience), so good on you for actually drawing art. Shapes usually aren't my thing, but the game works well, as does the physics (imagine the look on my face when they actually were present!). Adding in fixed shapes as well as dynamic ones is a thing that separates it from a good deal of stuff that I've seen.

I don't really have much more to say, but this gets a 5/5 from me. It's actually pleasing to the eye and the idea was done pretty well. Someone tries to tell you otherwise, I think they're just stuck on bigger games out there that have you pay to play. The standards there don't apply here. :3

I did not played the game for too long but I think it deserves higher score. Also I plyed without sound. Have no speakers or headphones here.
4.5/5 - really good.

very unique ...... i want to play just to figure it all out, but i think some work could be put into a true tutorial in the game i had no idea i could go in the "water" until it just happened. tutorial to explain what can happen it doesn't even have to force you it could just be more informative like the first level i completed three times before i figured out how to draw bridges and some of them would disappear and others would not what is up with that?

davidmaletz responds:

Thank you for your comments! The tutorial is there, just broken up throughout the levels. Even though the first level has water, you do not need to enter the water to beat the level (just to get all the coins). Level 6 (Sink or Swim) is the first real water level, and it explains water. But, if you want to explore and experiment and see what happens before the tutorial tells you, that's perfectly fine! You can figure out a lot on the first level through trial and error.

Both shapes will disappear if they are clicked on (to remove them), and they will break if too much force is applied to them. If you make a blue shape high up and let it fall, chances are it will break. Red shapes also disappear over time when force is applied to them, so if you stand on them, they will slowly fade, and if something heavy is on them, they will fade faster. Red shapes are explained in level 3.

Hopefully that helps you!

That one game made by eggy but you can share levels...meh, not really into the peaceful setting