Reviews for "本当の青空 - Hontō no ao"

First of all, how in the HELL did you put Asian-language characters in the song title?! Second of all, what do they mean? Third of all, this is freaking beautiful! It's (as usual) very flowing and majestic and light. At times, it transitions very rapidly between short phrases that are either upbeat or saddening, such as 1:32 and 1:36. It certainly is a rollercoaster of emotions, which is one thing I like about your pieces, LSD - they have a very human quality about them that captures the range of moods that can be experienced over a short length of time. You're pouring your soul into the music, and I really admire that about you. This is why I need to learn how to play a chordal instrument. Anyway, great job! 2013 was a pretty good year in a lot of regards, haha! ;D Also, I thought the ending was just perfect. The 3 chords at 2:48 almost single-handedly convinced me to download this piece. Keep up the fantastic work, my friend! ^^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

"First of all, how in the HELL did you put Asian-language characters in the song title?!"

=> Simple; the only things you need is a sister that speaks fluent Japanese, she has to download a software that allows her to write in Japanese, you have to ask her to translate a phrase for you and write it out (because Google Tranlsate only gives you Japanized English words, as there are several ways to write out everything, but I wanted original Kanji). After that, you just copy paste it to Newgrounds! Easy, right? :D

"Second of all, what do they mean?"

=> "トゥルーブルースカイ" (The other way to write it), translates to "True Blue Sky", which is referring to a very specific part of a specific episode of a Japanese Anime (though it was originally a manga) called "Kino's Journey" (キノの旅 - Kino no Tabi).
The composition might not cause you to think about a sky, but as I told LunacyEcho, it's all about the journey ;)

"Third of all, this is freaking beautiful! It's (as usual) very flowing and majestic and light."

=> Why thank you :) For a while there I thought you were going to write the entire review in this formula, as I did to you XD

Yup, the sudden transition(s) are intended, and as it's about a journey, alll the different emotions are supposed to represent different events and feelings during that travel.
I don't even try to include the human qualities in my piano pieces, they just happen while playing :/
I guess it's all the emotion that's put into the process that's shining through XD

It'd be awesome if you learned to play a chordal intrument! I love the cello and other kinds of strings as well, but It's great that one can bring forth so many different harmonies and emotions with chords too :D

2013 was my most productive year in terms of music thus far. I'm hoping to change that this year, but that remains to be seen ;)

I like the three chords too, and they are really simple! Cm, with C in the melody, Dm7 with A in the melody, and Gm with G in the melody.

Thanks a lot for the nice and positive review! Unless I fail horribly, I'll try to respond to your PM tonight XD

Absolutely beautiful. Well done! Talent. Talent everywhere!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for such a nice comment :3!

Nice work, LSD.
Good song to get lost to.
Also, why in the hell was this not put on my feed?
I don't like missing uploads.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, Dylan :3

Interesting how both you and the previous reviewer decided to use the word lost :O

Ahh, this wasn't in you feed? Oh well, things like that happen on all websites from time to time. I too occasionally check on the people I follow to see whether I've missed something that they've done.

I really enjoyed it. Nothing was repetitive. I was lost the whole way through. :)
I like how it started off slow and pick up later on. Great creativity!
I always find creating solo compositions a pain, simply because thats all you rely on and there needs to be a lot of movement. But you do just that very effectively.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, NicholasCabraja!
I actually have it the other way around! As I'm so used to it, I'm actually pretty good at composing solo piano compositions. I'm trying to get better at other kinds of compositions too though :3
Sometimes, you don't need lots of movement either. Simple things can be very touching :)

"I always try not to make my piano compositions somewhat unlike each other, even if there's still a very noticable style in all of them."

This is pretty accurate. :P When listening to this song, one of the things that jumped out at me was that in the 'verses' (not sure what else the call them), you use the "play eighth arpeggios with left hand and play quarter chords with right" technique quite a lot. I remember it well from trying to learn Misguided Passion! The awesome part is, it still flows into the wonderfully progressive second half.

You have tons of amazing flourishes as well. I can't imagine how long 1:13 took to learn, and 1:31 is just beautiful (although it feels like the key transition here is forced a bit). I also love the rhythmic focus the song gains at around 2:03, since even though you wrote it a long time ago, it still feels like you're listening to my advice about rhythmic variation. :P

That ending is also very beautifully written. Although, come to think about it, it would've been cool if it went back to the same register the intro had. In fact, it would be so cool if the ending was just an inverted version of the intro. Actually, that's given me an idea - a palindromic song! I will do this soon. :D

The one critique I think it's within my scope to give you about this piece is that in Newgrounds song titles, 'special' characters don't show up in the audio player display. I can only see "- Hont no ao", not the full title. It seems a bit English-centric, but there you go. :/

This was such a great song. I can't wait to hear what else you've got in store for us if you've been hiding stuff like this! :P

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Well, the "verses" could be said to be divided into two parts, and there's 4 "verses", so basically 8 parts. Aside from that, there's the middle part, and the long outro.
So basically:

Verse 1, part 1: 0:00-0:22, verse 1, part 2: 0:22-0:42.
Verse 2, part 1: 0:44-0:59, verse 2, part 2: 0:59-1:15.
Verse 3, only part: 1:15-1:31.

Interlude: 1:31-2:03.

Verse 4, part 1: 2:03-2:19, verse 2, part 2: 2:19-2:36.

Long outro: 2:36-3:06.

That's how I see it.

The rhythm is pretty different in the fourth verse though.
This is unsusually repetitive for having been made by me, insn't it? The truth is that in all the version, the chords are actually different at some parts, or a variation of the same chords, and while the melodies are similar, they are varied as well. I have no idea what I'm doing while I'm composing :p Things just happen, and I try to never let a part be exactly the same as an earlier one, unless it REALLY adds to the song. Though it's exactly the same, it's like Phonometrologist said. What comes before and after the part, makes it sound different, even if it's entirely alike another part in everything (paraphrasing).

Actually, I'm mostly playing triple chords with the right hand in the verses, although there are indeed some quarter ones. I think I know why it sounds like I'm playing quarters though. Most of the chords in this piece are not basic, but are more like D7, EbMaj7, FAdd9 and such. Several times, I only play the Bass note on the left hand, while not even including it in the right hand, which may give the illusion of a Quarter chord being played with the right hand. For example, I probably played a CmAdd9 with C in the left hand, and then Eb, G, and D in the right hand. I'm not sure if I exmplained it well enough, but meh.
Unless you meant something else by "quarter chords with the right hand", of course. Granted, they're here and there. They require quite a bit more precision though, especially if it takes a lot of stretching!

Hahha, thanks for playing "Misguided Passion", it's definitely one of my personal favorites :3

Oh, you realized that 1:13 isn't easy! Well done! It's actually more difficult than 1:31 (possibly because I've practised the beginning of the third movement of Moonlight Sonata...)
The things with 1:13 is that I struggled to get it played in the right rhythm. I am using both hands for this, so it usually works okay. I usually play all my pieces at least 100 times before recording them though, so to the most parts, I don't need to practice specific parts XD
The forcefullness of 1:31 is kinda intended.
Especially the key change at 1:35!

The rhythm just happened to be there. This is one of my later songs, despite being about 15 months old (damn army -_-), so it's automatically more rhythmically varied than the even older stuff I posted while in the army! I should still vary things more rhythmically than I usually do though, so it's great advice!

I was afraid people would think that the ending was draged out, but that's the way I wanted it to be. I see what you mean, and it would actually make sense with how I see this song!
The story is this: A person goes on a years long journey to find something very special, but at the end of the song, the person realizes that what she/he has been looking for, has been in front of his/her nose all along, after which the journey comes to and end, and the composition calms down! It would make sense to have the song end where it started, as the person would be back to the same point where the journey started. Then again, maybe the person lerned something, which is why the ending is different from the beginning ;)

Either way, cool idea! Good luck with that :D

Yeah. Same goes for "Älvjakt" by me. It doesn't bother me much though. The full title is "本当の青空 - Hontō no aozora" anyway. At least the page is able to show it, which is nice.

Hehheh. I still have a few compositions left. Although some are old, it can be fun to see how my style has developed. Some have very jumpy transitions too, and some are very rhythmically unchanging. Apart from that, many of them are actually pretty good!

Thanks for reviewing again :3