Reviews for "ccatch"

Gameplay's pretty solid. Could use a bit of alteration of the randomization algorithm such that long strings without a piece of the player's color are avoided, just to make things less frustrating to the player. (Simple example: store the last 8 dropped pieces, and if at any time that list has no pieces of the player's current color just force the next drop to be that player's color instead of random.) Otherwise it's fun.

The scoring system makes no sense, though, but I guess that's not much of an issue without an online scoreboard. Still, it does provide serious progression counter-incentives for many players.

(Those of you who are trying to use the mouse instead of the keyboard: cursor controls losing focus when the mouse goes outside the screen have been a problem since Flash games first started. Just click onscreen and don't let go of the button, so the game won't lose focus if the mouse goes outside.)

This is a fairly solid game with some interesting concepts but still needs a little work.

For one thing, there were no instructions. While I figured out the correlation between colors and the goal pretty quickly, it would have saved me a game over if I'd known up-front how to play.

Also, I was a little shaky on strategy, possibly by proxy of having no instructions. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be changing colors a lot just to get more shapes caught, but that reduced my color cache dramatically and proved not worth it. If I didn't change colors, though, I would be forever waiting for just one shape at some segments, which got frustrating after a while.

Also, not having a cursor in-game was sort of annoying, I accidentally let my pointer go off-screen more than once from that.

All in all, this is a fairly well-put-together game with an interesting twist on the "geometrics" theme with intriguing visuals and thoughtful music choice.


EduardAnton responds:

Thank you! These are amazing and helpful tips.

Decent game... I had two problems... First, for the mouse to register, I have to hold the mouse button down; if I'm not holding down the button, the movement doesn't register in the game... Second, the keyboard movement controls did not work at all (with or without the Shift button)... I think the arrow keys not working might be caused by the same thing that is making the mouse movement not register (because the arrow keys just scroll the main window for me)... Or it may be that I'm running IE 10 on a Windows 8 system... Other than those, the only thing I would say is the same thing about too many pieces of the wrong color in a row... Until next time...

EduardAnton responds:

I'm sorry to say that your browser is the problem. I recommend Firefox or Chrome for HTML5 games, since IE can't handle a lot of the new web stuff.

Thank you for the bug report, though.

First- Needs instructions, even with your goal being so obvious.
Third- Moving with arrow keys is bugged

EduardAnton responds:

Hey Pedroooz. Thanks for playing!

At this point of html5 development unfortunately it's not possible to lock the cursor inside the iframe. This is not intended, but you can play it fairly well without that feature.

Please describe your arrow key bug. Mind, that you have to put the cursor outside of the iframe before using the keyboard.

Its okay. Maybe change the beginning description so it says something about color instead of just shapes. That would screw a color-blind person up so bad.