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Reviews for "TDKR: Alternate Ending"

Would have made tthe movie alot shorter too bad it didnt happen that way

that batman stuff is the sequel right?

would be glad if they had used this one, the original one sucked... and i took so much longer to come to an end. except what would have been with the bady lady? needs another flash to explain that. very good flash and voice acting, not nearly as good a joke...

It was good but too short, it would have helped to add more than just the single joke
also whenever batman is on the screen is raining, even though they are inside in that scene

M4KBOT responds:

It's not rain, if you watch the scene from the film you will notice they are fighting in an underground sewer system with a huge stream of water gushing down from one side of the walls.

The animation was impeccable. Your style is unmatched by most, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

The storyline however, was more of a botch. I found it not so funny. The punchline was Bane being crushed, but after he was crushed Batman made a few very lame statements that I felt took away from the comedic value. I would work on your script writing a little bit.

Other than that the sound was excellent, and i enjoyed this more than most other animations on here. For that I am giving you 3.5 stars.