Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

That boss level is intense, I never though a rhythm game would even have bosses, let alone ones that worked. But that is just so neat.

Although, I honestly cannot think of another way of creating bosses other then the glitch/distortion method you used, which is super fun anyways.

fizzd responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. Oh ho ho we certainly have more unique bosses in store. The good thing about developing a game in your spare time over 3 years, is you have a really long time to think and refine your ideas :)

Officially Addicted.

I believe that flappy bird has become the hardest one button game, but this game is fun!

first when i play this game its like CRAP!! i suck at this but then i started to get the hang of it and i got
all the levels A except not unlocking the secret level because this laptop is fast i cant get a S+ or S
(i forgot the s thing)

Such a great game. Despite beating the content of the game on S's mostly I still find myself coming back again and again. Thank you a lot :)