Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

I remember this game, well, when it was released on Newgrounds, with 3 stages.
And then I started playing it again a few days ago, and saw it updated, awesome, what is the best thing of it? The Boss, quite difficult and fun to play, so you do not get bored when you're with him. Also the other songs are catchy enough to not get bored while you´re playing them. This is one of the flash games that makes you dont forget it so easily.

Anyway, I completed all Stages; Normal-Hard with A and It seems im not able to unlock the Bonus Song Medal. Is broken? Do i need to keep playing the bonus song when it ends? Thanks.

I would give 10 stars, just because of that dope boss stage

Really good game, the boss this incredibly hard (i didn't even beat it yet) and it's really well crafted. The first stage was fun and it had a simple but useful tutorial, even do, i've encountered a bug, If you restart a Song while you lose on the boss stage (the animation that his head is falling off), two songs with start
to sound.

fizzd responds:

thanks, glad to see from your medals that you beat it in the end! Thanks for the bug report, we'll fix it in the next update

Man, I almost feel like you put in TOO much effort into that boss battle, it was that well crafted!

Well, there's not much new to say about this one. It's still an excellent achievement both technically and gameplay-wise. It really nails the strict timing and yet excellent feedback of the rhythm heaven games. Congratulations on your GDC win and I hope to see what else you come up with in the future!

fizzd responds:

Oh if you think this is too much you should check out Soundodger+. They have got pretty much the equivalent of this, but for every one of their songs. thanks for playing our little game though !

Thanks for the bulletin reply and the links =D!!! But love this game I'm geeked you did an update but good luck on those exams I hope you do well and look forward to more work from you.