Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

I have S on tier 6! yay waiting more songs!!!

fizzd responds:



Trying to find a rhythm game that I can play without gimmicky crap..... I found it in the least place to expect, Newgrounds. Great job guys.

I love this game!! with awesome musics , Could you tell me the notes of music 'Intimate'? the guitar part, I've felt in that song. I'll wait happily for your answer

(If my sentence was rude, im very sorry. im not good at English :( 0)

fizzd responds:

Chords are ...| C | E | Am | F
Notes of the basic melody are C D E G | E; C D E G# | E; C D E B | A ; ... E D C
You can work out the rest of the little variations!

I hate how the 5 stage say: This is just a test to how to work on pop songs... but I can't pass it so I can't see the other two stages!!! GJDL´FHJAQ+Ç´FÑHJ

fizzd responds:

Hehe that's cause they aren't ready yet :P