Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

Amazing game. My only issue, the first (non-tutorial) song was the hardest of the entire game. I breezed through all the other songs, but even going back to it I still have trouble with that one.

This is in my opinion one of the best flash games out there. I just came back to it after not playing it for a long time and I must say I really liked the new boss level. I really hope this gets continued development and I know I would pay (a reasonable price) for a full version.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! After replaying it after a year, I really feel it has the potential of being a greenlit game on steam. I would love to see more levels though, as this was a pretty short game altogether. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to this and I look forward to updates in the future.

Awesome job on ur update on this game! I've been playing it since it had about a couple less stages then it has now...I played the boss level and that was some massive hard-work u applied on the boss stage! Imma play this and try to defeat him >:D

I find myself to come back A LOT to this game. Before you updated the demo in here, I was already playing it on the forum you first posted it. Yeah, I was that excited to see an update.

My suggestion... is it possible to put in a code to unlock all available stages. I can't seem to beat the tier3 hard mode on S rank anymore -_- and I miss that bonus stage song like hell.

fizzd responds:

Ah I'm sure you can do it!!