Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

This is the rhythm game I never knew I wanted!

The one-button mechanics for either one line or multiple lines is so simple that it works well. It also really helps that you set up each beat segment so the player learns how to handle it before introducing the next. This is especially well illustrated in levels with more than two lines.

The songs are fantastic, with one exception: Matchbox Twenty. I know you were just experimenting with how well this concept works with pop songs, and I'd have to say that it doesn't work. I'd recommend concentrating on the kind of lyric-less songs that occupy the rest of the game.

Level two is so sweet <3, the boss is surprisingly epic - who knew that kind of glitchiness could work so well in a rhythm game?

(Another recommendation: If getting a perfect on the boss level adds to your NHS Approval Rate, then there should be some way to track your rank of the boss level on the menu screen. It's not a big deal right now, but if you add more bosses it will be.)

The claps of the seventh beats, when they're all pressed correctly across different lines, really make a great rhythm together! And that adds to the game feel a lot.

Overall the presentation is stellar. I've S-ranked everything except the bonuses, though it was a challenge! I hope you continue to develop this game, either in flash or even trying to move it to Steam or something of the kind.

Now if you'll excuse me, I want to go download those cool songs!

fizzd responds:

hey, glad you like it and got what we were going for with the game design! And yeah we are staying away from pop songs, that one in the demo was just a fun thing just for kicks.

This game is amazing i love the music and really like the art one of the best rhythm games on Newgrounds.

As far as rhythm games go, this is probably the best one I've ever played. After the first boss, I was blown away by how incredibly fun a one-button game could be. This is a beautiful example of someone taking a very simple (and not necessarily unique) idea and running with it, adding every mechanic possible, building off of it more and more until it does become something unique and truly wonderful. There needs to be more games that do that.

My only points of criticism is that the text on the level selection screen auto-advances, so I might miss some of it. Also, the screen at the end of the level where it shows the rank you got takes a little too long.

4.5/5 stars.

fizzd responds:

Thank you so much, that's a high compliment. :) Noted on your points of criticism.

Fantastic. Just, fantastic.

I love this game, as well as 'A dance of fir and ice', I've always loved rythm games, and Rythm doctor is one of the most fun rythm games I hav ever played. I hope you guys make a lot more great content like this! :D