Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

Hey Fizzd
Im trying to reach out to youtubers into trying out your game and do a gameplay about it as well as supporting your development. Hope the game is not finished yet because there is so much more for it.
Also I made a gameplay video about it before:

I'm stuck at patience : aproaching ( Sorry misspells i'm from another country)

This must be a Hard Rhythm Game, or I just suck at Rhythm. I hope it's not the latter. This was good practice for the Rhythm Heaven games I am going to play. 5/5!

level 4 is fucking bullshit. i cannot figure out the rhythm of the bottom guy.

it's horse shit. i've tried multiple ways that seem to go with the flow and they all result in a fail.

fuck this piece of shit. it was fun until i scored a dozen f's in a row on that level.

Truly incredible rhythm game. The concept is easy and graspable enough to appeal to casuals, but has a learning curve steep enough to tempt players to get better. The ability to unlock secrets with higher grades to compel continued playing was a really nice feature as well. It even drove me to get a perfect S Rank on all the songs (Yes, that includes the bonuses. Don't even get me started on how long those took me xD).
Speaking of songs, the quality of the music in this game is incredible, with unique beats and catchy tunes. Intimate is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long while; very well paced, and just beautiful. And, oh, the boss. The intended glitches in the track adds another depth to the rhythmic and sound-based capabilities of the song; simply amazing.
The difficulty is very well balanced, with early levels being just easy enough and the later bonuses really taking a few tries to master. It's as difficulty ramp-up should be.
I can personally tell a lot of love was put into this game. Free of glitches, and with the nice little additions like the disco colors changing only on each beat of the heart. Every nook and cranny of this game is very well polished.
Overall, an excellent edition to the rhythm game genre. I hope this game receives as much praise and support as it deserves; my condolences go out to the devs of the game. Great job. May you hold much success with this game in the future.