Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

Incredible experience

Ok so i was playing oriental wubwub and i thought "ugh its C" but then it gave me A for some reason,
is that supposed to be right? Also what's with the timing, why i have to press the button late? Anyway game is really good, i like rhythm games

Game doesn't work in Linux at all, either in Firefox or in Chrome. The tutorial stage works but then after that the guy just sits there literally forever and you can't do anything. Well you can press the button but it doesn't do anything and no waves come or anything of the sort. You're just stuck there.

I'm curious what these "all other browsers" you tested were. Obviously you didn't test anything under Linux. I'm inclined to believe you only tested under Windows.

Not everyone uses Windows you know.

Gonna have to give you a zero for this, sorry. Next time test under Linux.

Lag is fine or understandable, especially with the disclaimer you've provided, and I wouldn't have knocked points off for that. Not working at all isn't.

fizzd responds:

hey thanks, so what happened is sometime between the last update, there was a new version of Flash released that broke our song loading system completely. will update here real soon, but in the meantime rhythmdr.com has a working version. sorry for your troubles :)

edit: now working!

The game itself is great, I played it at a friend's place. The problem is that when I get to level 1 (the samurai) the beat doesn't start, so I just sit there for a while, clicking my spacebar. I've tried refreshing the site, restarting my browser, and even switching browsers, to no avail. Any suggestions and/or fixes?
Much appreciated.

I've achieved multi-tasking maniac ;) As with A Dance of Fire and Ice, this game is perfect. As well as the song for Tier 3 Classy (Hard), Oriental Insomniac is a tune! Great game, great music.