Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

1st time playing Oriental Techno... Got an A! /)^3^(\
This game is really AWESOME! It reminds me of Rhythm Heaven Fever!

One one complain... You can't change the button you use! It would be nice to use "Enter" or even "Tab"!
Other than that, great game! The 8-bit feeling is awesome! :D

What's the name of song on this little crying boy. ? On 2th patient. Please !

Love the game, very clever concept. I do use chrome so it was very tedious at first until I gave in and used Mozilla; fun game i give it a 4 out of 5.

retards who want this to work on chrome need to shut up.

Not only is this a fantastic game, it also has a constant reminder of how GC's flash sucks and a tutorial on how you can your experience even out of the game! TYVM