Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

Wow, Catchy! Has anyone noted that on the tier select if you select a tier by pressing s, the song will slow down, and if you press D, you get double speed. and if you get and S(which is getting a perfect) on Tier 3 Night Shift you unlock Tier 6, this will come out as a hit! I feel it in my bones.

I think the game is remarkably done but due to the sheer difficulty and being so sheer unforgivable I just cant enjoy the game.

Well, I can't say it's a bad game, because it isn't. It's just that it was hard for me to truly enjoy because it was so difficult! I managed to get at least more than an F, a D. You really have to be on the ball with absolutely everything in this game. I appreciate the challenge. The sprites that are there are nicely done.

In fact, I might have even liked this more as a platformer with these characters. It seems like it's been awhile since I've played a rythum game. I guess it makes some sense with how this relates to heart beat. I could always practice on these. Piano doesn't do much for this.

Dude. Please hurry up. Please please please. I know you can't rush quality. But I swear I won't last long if I don't get to play the full version soon. It's one of the awesomest games I have ever played, flash or otherwise, hands down. The music and the backgrounds go really well together.

Man..this wait..is killing me.

This full version better be out soon...

Otherwise..I might die.

And if I die. You won't get the 5 stars I'm going to give it. :D

Absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the full version.