Reviews for "Rhythm Doctor"

I really really enjoy this game. It has a nice rhythm challenge to it, but it's so easy to pick up and love so long as you aren't horrible at timing.
I can't wait for a full release of this game :) I've been watching for it for a few months now

Great game overall, I can't wait for the full version! I just wish there weren't 4 patients all at the same time for the 3rd level (hard) and the secret level. Also, when will it come out?

I just unlocked the secret level without even knowing that was how to do it.
I was just so obsessed with this beautiful game that I wanted to S-rank everything.

i love this game so much. please, please, PLEASE, finish the game mr. game maker guy. please. this is full of so much win.

This game is AMAZING! But i don't know why, i can't complete the Bonus level, the music ends and i keep playing forever... This game is really good, i think this could be a PSVita game, if Hotline Miami can, why this not? I really want to see the complete version.