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Reviews for "Russian Roulette For One"

Pretty cool idea, but a few flaws.

If you're playing the game for score then you can just fire the empty gun a load of times and your multiplier still increases (so you can have a near 32k multiplier on every shot with no risk)

Also, it doesn't appear to spin the cylinder between shots, it may be a random chance but the lack of spin gives the impression that loading the cylinder with 5 shots and firing twice will always kill you. (as the first shot will cycle a live round into the chamber)

Sushin00 responds:

The first flaw you mentioned isn't a flaw at all. I did that intentionally, because even though you can have a 32k multiplier, the other multiplier is still 0 because there are no bullets in the cylinder, and 32000 multiplied by 0 is 0. Since reloading your gun removes the chain multiplier, there's no way to exploit that.

I don't really understand your other concern, but the cylinder rotates every time you pull back the hammer and cycles to the next chamber in the cylinder. That doesn't happen when you fire the gun. If you put 5 bullets into the chamber and then pull the hammer back, it doesn't cycle a live round into the chamber. It cycles the next cylinder slot, which may or may not be empty. If you'd like, you can pull the hammer back first and then load in the cylinder and you won't cycle to the next round before firing, but you still have all the same chances. So yes, loading the gun with 5 bullets and firing twice means you will always die.

this wasnt worth my time...

shouldnt the trigger go foward instead of backwards when you cock the striker..?

Sushin00 responds:

Nope. When you pull the hammer back it readies the trigger for you so the trigger becomes easier to squeeze. Technically you can pull the trigger without cocking the hammer back, but it takes more effort to squeeze since it will also cock the hammer for you in the same action.

Hehe. I liked the simple concept. Really something you could build on. AI opponent, tournament, different weapons, power ups. Maybe even a more advanced animation side. The sky is the limit. GOOD WORK :=)

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks a lot. I definitely want to add AI to this game at some point. One thing I really wanted to do was make a 6 player competitive version.

Not a bad job especially like how you have actually use the revolver parts and you could do another but with a .55 S&W so you have 5 in the chamber

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the comment. I actually plan to make an expansion to this where you can purchase things with the money you earn, such as 5, 7 and 8 bullet revolvers and revolvers of all types.