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Reviews for "Russian Roulette For One"

Russian Roullette for one...sounds smart...

Haha! I put 5 in shot then lived but then when i took them all out except one i died...

I just put 5 bullets shot and survived !!!!BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

I just put in 1 bullet and shot it 5 times.

Hahaha that was pretty tense! Just for fun I decided to put 5 bullets in and I survived haha :D
Anyway I think the game was interesting but as I have readed (please correct my English if necassery!)
in one of your replies it's only fun for a few minutes. 3.5 Just for the cool gun design.
Kinda curious what you're gonna do for a sequel! Fun game, Sushin00!! GG :3

Sushin00 responds:

Actually there already is a sequel. Russian Roulette For Two.
Basically the same game but two player (with AI as well).