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Reviews for "Russian Roulette For One"

this is surprisingly fun

When you load one in the cylinder and die, first shot, three times in a row.
My luck.

A simple idea, fun for a little while. Though it's a little easy to cheat, as the gun can be shot an infinite number of times to crank up that multiplier to the max. Other than that, fun little game.

Sushin00 responds:

You can do that but if there's no bullet in the chamber, the multiplier will go back to 0 when you eject the cylinder. You won't get points for pulling the trigger with an empty gun. (Unless you're seeing something I'm not seeing)
Thanks for the review though. It's cool people are still playing this.

Incredible. Simply incredible.

Haha this can quickly turn into "Suicide for One" if you put 6 bullets in the cylinder.