Reviews for "Made in Mafia"

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Too many fu*king level bugs!!!!! Fu*king sick of having to repeat levels on Hard Mode! So many times I've finished the level on Hard and it'll just flash the time ... with the car either able to move or the guy I'm defending driving backward/forward over and over again! And the worst part about this... I can't restart or pause and get back to the main menu either - I have to refresh every fu*king time!

Bright side of the game is that it was decently fun, apart from having to refresh it every other level.

Anyone beat level 11? Seems like it'll be completely by chance if I ever beat it. So many cars its almost impossible to even shoot at the helicopters. Usually I'm forced to decide between a bomb on my hood or getting rammed by the attack police van-things.

3/5 For gameplay. It's fun, any everything looks nice, and it's not just zombies like most other games that come out like this.

I thought this was a pretty-good game. It reminded me of "The Godfather". Of course, that's probably because that's the most well known Mafia movie ever made. I was a bit confused by all of the labels. It seemed too much for a game that wasn't that complicated. I still enjoyed it, particuarly when I got to use the bombs.

You would be surprised at how you have to time everything perfectly with those. The graphics are fairly decent. It was funny to see some cars besides gangster ones to shoot at. It looked like there was a race car on my back at one point! This was decently creative.