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Reviews for "A Prostitute Mickey Xmas"

this is a classic!

The Top 3 Funny Parts of the Flash: #3,The Part Where Mickey gets peed on from Mr.Ebeneezer(Kinda Funny),#2,Mickey Pees on Mr.Ebeneezer's Grave and Gets his Penis Grabbed by Him and Getting Dragged down to Hell(FUNNY),and #1,Where Goofy Mugs Mr.Ebeneezer,Cusses Him out,Shoots Him,and Takes His Wallet(FUNNY AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOLOL!).Anyway,T his was one Heck of a Funny Flash!

Well, I honestly don't see ANY sex appeal with this Prostitute Mickey (Check Sex Kitten Prison Break, they've got one), so I guess that he's broke as fuck

speechless...*LOLd so hard :D*

Another great and unexpected entry into this funny flash series. It's definatley the darkest and craziest one yet, but it's still as funny as ever. The animation was very good too. I laughed hard at when Mickey pees on Scrooge's tomb, then Scrooge's hand bursts out of the ground and grabs Mickey. I just laughed even harder when Mickey begged "Oh please let go of my penis!" The ending was also LOL awesome. I hope to see more of these in the future.