Reviews for "MOON"

Great little game, had chills, 4am helped, but this was really awesome.

EventHorizon responds:

Thank you! :D

Reminded me a lot of Lone Survivor, and was really good. I couldn't stand to look at the screen for fear of what would happen next, and I almost shit myself when the mirror popped out and the phone said "Look behind you." Brilliant, and I hope you keep making games!

EventHorizon responds:

Thank you very much, I appreciate your words :)

Great Game :D
I like how the atmosphere and the creepinees blended with the idea of the lonely astronaut on the moon was well made. And there was something about that weird astronaut covered in blood that looked great, maybe his bigger visor broken and the blood.

I just noticed some issues that really doesn't hinder the playthrough:
The slow walk... It made me bored a little bit by walking around so much but the suspense of what might happen kept me playing.
Another minor issue is in the secret room. When you are typing you can't press E otherwise the whole thing retries. I think clicking a button would do better.
Anyway, 5 Stars bro, nice job

PS: English is my 2nd language so I might mispell some shit and whatever :P

EventHorizon responds:

Do not worry about the English, the slow movement is used to maintain the atmosphere of fear In addition to the moon is impossible to run, however thanks for your good review and I'm glad you liked the game! :) :)

Great game that gave me the chills. Keep up the good work.

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for your review and I'm glad you liked the game! :D

good game and i also get all the medals.But what happen to John in the end???