Reviews for "MOON"

quite good game overall but he is quite slow ,but he's on the moon so 4.5 stars for you
I also think this game needs a sequel

Gee, he's just saying 'im afraid' 'im scared', he goes outside expecting to find an answer?
thats some bs.....

I don't get it, I found the secret room, but how can you know the codes? Can anybody give me hints?
BTW EventHorizon, awesome game, very scay too.

Why was John all alone? If there really was a base in the moon then I'm sure that they will send at least 2-3 people.

Gokento dont you get it?he either went mad or the entity made him imagine it all...either way...neither of those were REALLY destroyed.

other than that...its an ok game...3.5 starts