Reviews for "MOON"

You ruined the space for me, jus kidding Gravity did that for me. The telephone part reminded of courage the cowardly dog he they stole the stone slab, and the guy just appears. Seriously though onto the review. I knowhow hard it is to sprite so I commend you on the characters, as well as the lot. I wouldn't have put 16bit character on an 8bi background, but it kind of fits in a way. the game its self look like a security footage, in a good way. It would probably have been scarier in the dark. You should make a squeal wit cosmonauts, instead of astronauts. I was however disappointed at the , the SECRET ROOM. Seriously That was a lot of work for the guys who didn't just use Google for that? Well I guess It was pretty all right.


that was not worth the energey it took to find those codes

Of course, I played this at 10 at night…

Awesome game, but scary

Wow. Just wow.