Reviews for "MOON"

i figured out if you press the forward and then backwards you moon walk not only that it also glitches the game

Well, the word game is kind of a strong word over here but let me spill my thoughts in here.

The presentation of the game is great. This has been my first space-horror atmosphere kind of-game I've played in my life and this made me like other space-scary theme games. The story is interesting and suspensful. Many people criticize the character for walking really slow but I, on the other hand think it's a great way to create the suspense of the story. I never thought Pixels would really scare me but this pixelated game surprised in many ways. I played this on 10:00 PM and it freaked the hell out of me. I was going to bed after playing this and I wasn't able to sleep without being taunted by the memories of the game. It's a really spooky and atmospheric game and I love it. The story is hidden and mysterious and the great work with pixel graphics managed to scare me in ways I didn't imagine.

I understand this is meant to be a combination of game and movie but this movie-stylized game was extremely to linear and it felt like movie then a game at all. I do appreciate the hidden achievements and the code puzzles. That was a pretty neat extra thing.

I'm giving this game a 4/5 stars. I never really give a non-game this kind of rating too often but the presentation and atmosphere of this game is too good for me to give it a low score. I had a great experience playing at night alone for the first time. It really scared me. This is definetely going on my favorites.

Okay game. The characters lack any human characteristics. Oh this place is about to blow, let me walk at the same speed. Oh someone's in trouble, let me walk. Definitely room for improvement.

good "suspense" and "terror" game ! is very easy to earn medals, man !

i guessits ok. Can someone tell me the answer to secret door?