Reviews for "MOON"

You didn't improved that much mate.
No, I won't give you any stars, you make your "games" like movies like 2 years ago (now actually 5 years ago) and you call this a game?
Just improve your fricking gameplay mate, you can do that.
And you've got the potential to make great games, don't waste it!

0/5 Stars
This was the same ol' story buddy.

Wish the guy could move faster, but a good game anyways

The only reason I'm here is for the easy medals. The character walks too slowly, the whole story makes no sense, some people are saying the suspense was good and i have no clue what they mean since there is no suspense at all. Unless of course you're like 6. All you do is read text, and walk back and forth the entire game. And the ending was shit as well, it made no sense as to what was shown to John, and why he suddenly started talking and acting like his bloody imaginary self. And the fact that he used the line he himself had no understanding of, just made the ending 10 times worse. Like he sees himself talk weird shit and weird shit appears, then a few days later the rescue team (more like a single medic) come, and he says the same weird shit and the game just ends.

I'll give you 2 stars for the easy medals and the effort to make something.

i moon walked and broke the game... it was really fascinating other than that problem 3.5 for effort and great story telling. I wish there was more game play though instead of click and go

Slow walking so much almost drove me mad. But the suspense made up for it.