Reviews for "Deus Shift"

very nice thought out game. still learning.

I really like it. Deep, challenging, rather original and fun. Most turn based strategies nowdays are either based on card game concept or HoMM-like classic TBS. This one is different, it uses board-game concept. I wonder what games were inspiration for this? Although this game may have some balance issues (It looks like there is some first turn inequality, I'm not sure though) I'd still buy it if it was a real board game. And I'll surely spend some time on this one. Great work mr. David Maletz!

davidmaletz responds:

Thanks! I had thought that giving the second player a deus on their first turn balanced out the first player advantage, some people now say that going second is best since you can summon two units in one turn. It's definitely more balanced than before I gave player two a deus, but it'll take more testing to know if it is "truly" balanced!

As for inspiration for this game, as funny as it sounds, the inspiration was earlier versions of this game. The first version of this game was more similar to a classic TBS which was obviously very different. As we tried to improve, tweak and make it more fun, we eventually created a version with the current board, but very different gameplay. Really, the game just kind of evolved this way over time, and it's tough to say exactly why haha!

Anyways, thanks for all the comments! I wonder how tough it would be to make this into a board game haha (its rules are pretty complex)...

Great game! First I didn't know there was a tutorial so I started playing and get pwnd immediately lol

davidmaletz responds:

I added the text Start Here above the tutorial, "hopefully" that will help people notice it... I agree the "extras" area is not really a good spot for the tutorial, but it's just where the button seemed to fit best.

Very interesting game somewhat reminds me of chess. It has great potential and I wouldn't mind seeing more of this. Keep up the good work. I think some type of effect should be added for the heart to give some leverage because I found a way to basically gridlock an opponent to the point where they can't summon anything.

davidmaletz responds:

Thanks for the review! It is possible to gridlock the AI as it has some weaknesses, but I think there's a way out of most of those situations for humans. Also remember you can buy units back to make room for new units. Show me the record for a particular place if you think there's no way out.

As for abilities for hearts, we've thought of it (allowing you to choose a main "character" that replaces the heart and has different movement/attack options). We might do this for a sequel one day, but it'd take a lot of thought and balance to get right.

Very challenging but fun. Cauldron + Specter is a deadly combination if you can keep it alive. By the same note, if you see an enemy specter, KILL IT FAST.