Reviews for "Mad Princess"

My thought process:
"Finally! A game that breaks the traditional lame-tastic guy-saves-helpless-pretty-girl trope!"
"...oh, she's insane. I'm less thrilled about that."
"Oh well, this game is fun anyway!"

Awesome, just awesome!
Made me get nervous trying to find more efficient ways to kill those lil guys when I failed on a level, and that king in the is is pretty tough =P
I also don't remember having seen any bloody princess in any other game, so the story is pretty original, i guess.
Loved the pixels graphics, very well done. And also game play as its finest.
(Sorry my bad english, I'm brazilian)

This girl turns me on ;D me and my sick mind :P
I'm not S or M, I just like the blood ^_^

That was a blast the whole way through!Just when I thought I was tired of the tower defense genre, you get it a nice new twist. Cant wait to see what you can do in the future!

injoyedit hope to see more