Reviews for "Mad Princess"


The lag is too much. And I'm running an amazing computer. The command input is too slow. Add a function to change quality.

Fun game, nice difficulty, but honestly, after losing, I don't have the patience to look at the "Try Again" screen for five seconds.

To beat final wave, deploy 3 crossbows near the princess (same height as heroes entry way), right after first few kills, deploy wall above ledge and 2 spikes. If wall gets destroyed place it again, use bombs when agiles comes. When u get enough blood, place 4th crossbow. Renew spikes when damaged. If u place spikes close on same height, u can repair them both for only 100 blood.
My english is bad, but hope this helps u.

to beat 11 make the cross bow above ledge so whenever soldiers hit the cross bow they slip than use bombs