Reviews for "Mad Princess"

Fun yet annoying game that really requires time and precision. A game that really requires you to just sit back and think about you will do to get to the next level.

Super clever tower defense game, great example of the genre. One thing I really like about this is that it maintains a pretty clear line of difficulty throughout, even in the stages designed to teach you how to play. There are some that can be a bit unforgiving that REQUIRE you to set up items with extremely precise timing/placing, but all in all it feels pretty rewarding when you win. I had fun with it throughout, great work.

It is a great game, but it would be more fun if we could set up the board before the wave starts. I also think it is BS you do not get all your weapons for the last stage. Otherwise great idea.

Cool bitch!

This game is maddeningly addictive and just plain awesome. It's bloody, funny (when the knights die) and downright enjoyable. The evil princess is a nice twist from today's cliches. An easy 4/5