Reviews for "Mad Princess"

If I gotta say something, TheCrimsonScythe did a great speech for me.

All my 5 R belong to you!

Very hard, but still good

Can't help but totally love it! the princess is actually evil mastermind of the castle? BRILLIANT IDEA!!
playing as the evil, mad princess with all this trap in a totally new and original tower defense game, unlike the others!

the gameplay was so good, not easy or too hard, but not impossible, and certainly addictive.
The concept of the blood-cost weaponry make this even more dark, gruesome, demented, and awesome.

The final boss is so fucking epic, and it was totally fits with the story.
The music make it so special and you successfully make the boss good enough for a turret defense game.

Congratulation, 5 star in art, story, concept, and gameplay!
man, its been a long time since I actually want to give more than 5 star to somebody.

You are genius, keep making game! Good luck on your future! ^^

boring game because its just way too hard

Very interesting tower defense concept, very fun to play, and very nice backstory to it as well. For some reason, I have a thing for girls that are pretty and evil, and this game stroke a chord in my mind.

Lovely graphics, nice music, as always, and great usage of the LD25 theme.

I really like the gameplay concept, placing traps to keep the enemies from advancing, having to use care when choosing a place to position them, and keeping all knights from reaching the princess at all costs. It gets pretty challenging in the later waves, forcing you to think through each and every move, even when there isn't enough time, making this pretty intense.