Reviews for "Mad Princess"

That was awesome!

awesome gae but inposible to pass it

fun, awesome art, interesting game play, and addicting as hell. just really fricken great.

Wow, the music is good, the graphics are good, the game is simple (5 traps, 3 enemy types, no archicomplex mechanisms) yet it manages to have perfectly crafted difficulty (Some stages are kinda hard though). Overall, I'll give it ... Hey wait I didn't check the description !
...What ? This has been made for Ludum Dare ? Lol ! Full 2:26 ingame track where you never hear more than 1:00 ? I guess that some features are result of post-compo but still, amazing job !

AdventureIslands responds:

I like my games simple. Though possible sequel might have bit more enemies, traps and enviroments and more refined gameplay. This was mostly just a test for myself, a step out of safe boundaries, my first game that is not a platformer. Glad you enjoyed it.

I am a pixelated game fan so I LOVE THISSS!!!! Make more traps so it will be more fun!! XDD

P.s Im stuck at 16 T.T