Reviews for "Mad Princess"

it's a fine game but honestly in the later levels my worst enemy was honestly tremendous lag. like especially at the last 2 levels i lost so many times due to simply being unable to time bombs due to obscene levels of lag which is a problem as particularly vs the king it is virtually impossible to win w/out using bombs+wall on a sliding ledge since there are simply so many foes that all your spikes are worthless and bombs are simply the better buy while occasionally plopping another crossbow when able for more passive damage. Other than the lag however, the game itself is quite fun. The gameplay is simple and yet you have to plan out where to put things to get the most efficient kills and as always gotta keep the princess from getting captured. I would have liked an expansion to this to be honest if the lag issue could be solved as the idea itself is really cool and having more traps could let you do cool things, though the ninjas were 9/10 times the most frustrating foes simply because they could ignore your traps, though the lag issue may have exacerbated the situation due to hitting them w/ the bombs being really hard due to this. overall 4/5 stars, the 1 star lost because the lag REALLY made it unplayable and i've played far more complex games w/out nearly as much lag, though that was honestly the only bad issue i hit

AdventureIslands responds:

This game is one of the earliest titles I made and was made with first version of Stencyl which had notorously bad framerate issues. If I ever create some sort of modern version of the game or a sequel, I'll make sure it runs much, much smoother.

Good game M8. It was difficult, but still beatable. But i think there could me more story in the game, like some dialog in between or before the waves. And the music... it was ok, nothing special for me. Still, nice job.

Also, the last wave is easy if you know where to place your buildings and time your bombs... and f*** that king.

Every time i clicked it took me somewhere else

The game was pretty good. The graphics were ok and the music was acceptable. In particular, I loved the story as well, because it gives us a more twisted, sinister, dark view of the way we play games (since we usually play games as the hero/heroine), and it's an alternative from the usual "play as the bad guy" games (because you'll end up feeling more like an antihero rather than a villain). No, in this game we're playing as the evil villain who's killing people just because.
No doubt the story could have been elaborated on, maybe at the end of every level you could talk about what the princess was going through, perhaps in the form of a diary, or maybe have a few cutscenes, especially at the start of the levels where the new types of heroes were introduced/the boss level.
Difficulty wise, it was challenging enough for me to actually have to put in effort to beat the game, especially during the boss fight, yet it wasn't impossible to finish. The ending was also quite good, and my only problem with the ending was the statement ending with an exclamation mark instead of a period, which in my opinion would have made for a more dramatic ending (or maybe it's just me running out of things to be anal about).
For those of you who have difficulties beating the boss fight, don't give up. It took me about 10 minutes to get it done, so it's definitely do-able.

I love it! I have played this game several times before. I love the concept, story, gameplay and everything!