Reviews for "Mad Princess"

It was really great design, except i was bored outta my head by the 5th level!! so it is a 3 for me!

Great idea, however the blood graphics are not that great.
Remember, you're a firework.
- Firework.

o-o wow i HATE BLOOD anyways i love it lolz XD

Awesome job...!
The aesthetic is great - just simple enough to get the job done. Great character design--

I literally sat at work for hours just mulling through the levels-- which you did a great job with programming, by the way!!

I love how 'right down to the wire' you set them up to be. I doubt there's more than 1 or 2 ways to beat the waves in the more difficult levels! AAHH.

Again. Awesome work. This game was well worth your time. :)
P.S: ...Holy shit do you make games solo? Kudos!! o_o

i love the evil smile she has.. :)