Reviews for "Mad Princess"

o-o wow i HATE BLOOD anyways i love it lolz XD

Awesome job...!
The aesthetic is great - just simple enough to get the job done. Great character design--

I literally sat at work for hours just mulling through the levels-- which you did a great job with programming, by the way!!

I love how 'right down to the wire' you set them up to be. I doubt there's more than 1 or 2 ways to beat the waves in the more difficult levels! AAHH.

Again. Awesome work. This game was well worth your time. :)
P.S: ...Holy shit do you make games solo? Kudos!! o_o

i love the evil smile she has.. :)

I like the idea however i think the trap reaction time could be improved and also the hit detection seems to be a bit off. The game is so boring though that i could not honestly finish it. I think that the traps would be nice if some of them were more timed and mot on time use as its annoying as heck to time some of the stuff.

Heh, I like these sort of Tower Defense games. And I also like it when villains win once in a while. Is it any wonder why I love this game?