Reviews for "Epic War Saga"

it takes too long to load up not worth waiting for

I remember the first Epic War game, hours, literally would play for hours, the second, even more hours, the 3rd, hey...now something different, not bad but ok good, sadly it was about then when everything really felt it go down hill for me at least, I loved the arrow tower then spam units when you have the funds, I did like, greatly the idea of mixing and matching, having these undead things, with those centaur things, what have you. However it seemed to start to get away from what i felt was the soul of the game. This one...I dunno words cannot even begin to describe. 3rd party sign in, no matter how easy it is to do, is annoying for the simple fact it never existed in ANY of the other Epic War games. upgrades to expensive, story, I dunno first mission didn't look like it hand one, or if there was I couldn't see it. The story while not wholly there for some EW games, didn't hinder the goodness? ya the overall goodness of the game.

So many Devs these days dont seem to get what newgrounds is all about. Requiring 3rd party registration gets you a bad rating. Fix that and I'll review it again.

Personally the 3rd party requirement is a non issue as it is easy to register and get into the game.
What is an issue is the game itself. Not only is game incredibly slow paced its hard it imagine any capable of playing without feeling mind numbingly bored out of their minds. Another issue is the pay to play B.S. that this game promotes, as it is very difficult to earn any in-game gold or crystal without literally forking over hundred on dollar in REAL money to get in-game gold. And from the first moment you start browsing the upgrade and new units you realize the prices are insane, even for basis units and upgrades which is just stupid.
As for in-game battles? They take way too long, and it is way too repetitive as is literally the same thing over and over and over and over again. Which also why earning gold is so difficult, and as such the game slow becomes literally a mindless grinding. If your playing multiplayer don't bother as you find out very quickly they either have way look much money spend on this game to get all the best item and units in the game or they are all hackers that have cheat-engine enabled because what these guys have is ridiculous as there character stated as all max and they all the best items and units in the game.
I can't take is game anymore, these developers should of stick to making epic war 6 to follow the other 5 that were all great games compared to this complete mess of a game.

Game requires third party login to play. By the standards of Newgrounds, the game does not function and is not playable.

artlogicgames responds:

its functionally if you login :) .