Reviews for "Epic War Saga"

Gets stuck on "connecting..." much too often

on the iphone app is free but it needs a update more solders more upgrades to your temples , markets,
blacksmith , monster lab, and all the rest and more chapters!

Anyone who would spend a hundred bucks on this is a fucking idiot.
Not nearly as good as the previous epic games.

as a matter of fact the game servers are out of service because the creator losed more money than what he gained for keeping them up, in short: the game is no longer playable

Combat is incredibly slow paced with unit taking forever to get from one side of the battle field to the other.
Acquiring gold takes forever at 200-300 per fight.
Ranged units still rein supreme when summoned by the computer en masse. Especially when you can't reach them thanks to an invisible wall.
Elemental advantage is a stupid idea because it only promotes more grinding to get the units you need to counter the enemy. [Which takes forever thanks to the low amount of $ you earn in contrast to the very high cost of upgrading temples and purchasing new units]