Reviews for "Prosnorkulus 2"

Cool story, characters and violence.

The reconnaissance sniper is outshining the main character Prosnorkulus trough. Prosnorkulus should really have some lines to get more personality.

I hope this series gets continued and finished. Adding this to favorites.

I couldn't stop smiling. This is good stuff. Wish there was more of this. The conversational stuff was a bit confusing but I got what was going on seemed very game of thrones-ish. I could see this being an actual show on adult swim or something like that, I just want more.

You guys are talented, love this art style, voice acting and music is sick!
You fellas gotta make more of these! 5/7

I keep re-watching it from time to time and always LMAO. More please!!!

omg i thought this was the last episode so i was hyped but now i have to wait for the 3rd part :(

dont take me wrong, i love this series but i hate waiting for an undecided time but i just hope that it would be released soon.