Reviews for "Prosnorkulus 2"

I can't tell you enough how much I'm loving your prosnorkulus series. And it seems like you're just getting better and better at animating. You're a god damn beast.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

You're a god damn breast!

I love it, although I don't think you understand the difference between precision and accuracy. Accuracy is a measurement to the degree of closeness to the target, while precision is being able to replicate your previous shots. If you have precision, and no accuracy you will miss, but all your shots will be in a close grouping.

Your characters are unique, and your style of humor wry.

Although, there is no way a bullet would bounce off of a table, and not go through it.

MiddleFingerRings responds:



fun as always
can't wait for number 3

i really love your art style.its gritty no holds bard kick ass,period.i hope to see more of this series with alot more grit in it.also,in the next episode im hoping for a showdown between the recon sniper and swift going at it.heres hoping:) also,im looking for someone of your skills.if youre intrested in doing a collab where i write and you animate please let me know. if the scoring system had 30 stars id put this reveiew as 30 stars.

the recconasaince snipers scenes are perfect in gore and killing but prosnorkulus doesnt get as much gore and kills but its still great just trying to help